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It’s finalized towards Institut Laue-Langevin certificate

It’s finalized towards Institut Laue-Langevin certificate

Windows Obtain new Screen installer package on desk above into specific brief directory, next twice-just click it to operate the newest installer. Proceed with the recommendations for the display screen, attending to not to ever play with list names that have empty or low ASCII characters within identity.

macOS is the full implementation of new FULLPROF room (64 bits). OpenMotif was embedded as there are its not necessary to possess determining any environment varying. Merely twice-click on the symbol of one’s app to help you launch it.

  • macOS Hill Lion (10.8) or even more
  • the newest 100 % free X11 unit (on version dos.seven.9 or maybe more should be expose on your computer.

Installations Download the file “FullProf4Mac-vxxx.dmg” toward Desktop. Just click they and you can pull the latest FullProf4Mac symbol on symbol “Applications”. That’s it !

  1. Stimulate the brand new extremely-associate setting
  2. Perform a collection the place you want to contain the apps of one’s FullProf_Package. Such as: /usr/local/bin/FullProf_Package in a number of Linux possibilities
  3. Backup the latest file FullProf_Suite_XXXXNNNN_Lin.tgz (XXX=Week NNNN=year) on the index just created in step two.
  4. Decompress this new file .tgz into following the command:
  1. Do a collection the place you want to contain the applications of the FullProf_Collection, e.g. $HOME/FullProf_Package
  2. To achieve that you ought to do the second orders:

Situated of your own Cover of your user the fresh purchases will vary. The target is to produce the ecosystem changeable FULLPROF. To understand what is the layer a person is having fun with you should perform the latest order:

Shortly after performing all more than tips the apps of the FullProf Room come of any kind of functioning index. Read More