Finding Proven Businesses

We seek companies that have strong product-market fit, good technology and decent revenue (our sweet spot is $100 k-$1 M). We prioritize simple, high margin businesses that have a unique advantage in strong markets.

Applying Our Unique Skills

The companies or individuals we work with have good technology, smart people and  few early adopters. However, the commonality of the companies is that they have limited technical team resources, had difficult time growing customer base, or accessing capital and/or they have geographic challenges that make it hard to tap into large markets.


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Pushing Hard to Grow Revenue & Profits

We combine great technology with our unique skills, and try to rapidly grow the revenue and profit of the companies we own. Provided the company is profitable, we then distribute the profits early and often so that our investors and partners have the opportunity to generate returns at every step of the way and not only during an exit.


Akbar J

Product Development

I am responsible for product development, management & support.

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Firthosh M

Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer. My job is to simplify  & maximize user usability.

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Zaman Mecci

Design & Growth

I am responsible for product design, strategy & growth.

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I am full stack developer for Krypto Kafe.

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Yunus Mecci


I am crypto investor, & enthusiast. I manage marketing activities for Krypto Kafe.

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Programmer, Sales Merger

I am full stack developer for Sales Merger.

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I am responsible for operations & administration.

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Allah Bakash

Programmer, Sales Merger

I am full stack developer for Sales Merger.

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Product Ideation

At Parabolus, we specialize in developing sustainable businesses via ideation & market research.

Product Development

We develop products that solve real problems through collaboration with individuals or companies.

Product Traction

We help generate early awareness among early adopters & users and open up sales channels .


We develop platforms that enable lateral growth.


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