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All the pictures on Bumble are actually my photos… Although it’s not the real me, it’s still me

All the pictures on Bumble are actually my photos… Although it’s not the real me, it’s still me

Whoever was running Morgan’s fake account went out of their way to appear real. Asking to meet up earlier in the night at a location closer to home is common when haggling out the details of a date on Tinder. It is the practical and safe thing to do, especially on a first date.

This stranger was now playing a long game. I was told to text her on Friday, not Thursday. Contented that an unending stream of new messages was pestering Morgan, her harasser was ensuring Morgan’s frustration would continue long after the account was taken down.

The messages stopped by the end of the day, and Bumble eventually took down the account

The lines from “Morgan” would have worked on me, too-except I, wanting to make sure I didn’t give up that precious Friday night by being stood up, texted Morgan immediately.

“Hey, this is Brent from Bumble. Just texting to make sure I got that number right. See you tomorrow at Koerners. :)”

Bumble replied that it couldn’t disclose which Facebook profile was used to create the fake account since that would be a violation of the user’s privacy

“Hey Brent, could you please report that account on Bumble? It’s a fake account. I’ve been receiving countless text messages in three hours. I’d be truly appreciative if you can report the account for reasons like ‘stolen pictures,'” Morgan replied.

“Shit. That’s terrible. I’ve heard about this before,” I texted. “I can screencap the account if it helps at all.”

Her phone buzzed. Several images appeared over text. The first was of the profile. There were several shots of her during a photo shoot, and two featured her with her friends. They were all images Morgan had on her Facebook. The profile also had all of her personal information:

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