Manufacturing Optimized

Parabolus is focused on delivering high-quality products, providing excellent customer service, and continually striving for improvement in its operations.

Over 5 years experience & knowledge of international industrial systems, dedicated to provide the best economical solutions to our valued customers.

Power Generation

We understand the challenges faced by design, test, and measurement engineers who are driven to turn their visionary ideas into reality, and we’re here to support you.

Industrial Components

Parabolus supports a broad array of manufacturing technologies nationwide & globally, making them a leader in full-service supply chain management, focused on protecting customer trust and making manufacturing effortless.

Information Technology

What makes industrial PCs so attractive is their ability to support modern software in a compact and rugged form factor designed for the industrial edge, which often means in hot, dusty panels alongside PLCs and other equipment.

Industrial Products

All products are manufactured with quality materials and carefully assembled using the latest technologies available. If you have a question about a specific service or item, our field of experts will ensure every detail is met with excitement and devotion.