Industrial Components

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Parabolus is a full service manufacturing sales & marketing firm supporting all types of supply chain management, manufacturing & engineering services.

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Markets we support

Our diverse range of industrial components spans various sectors, ensuring top-tier performance and reliability. In the medical field, we provide precision components for advanced healthcare technology. In architecture, aerospace, and military applications, our specialized materials and structures meet stringent standards. Automotive and transportation industries benefit from our durable and functional components. Telecommunications, consumer electronics, and energy sectors rely on our products for seamless operations. We cater to marine, HVAC, and general industrial needs with reliable, corrosion-resistant components. Our portfolio also includes valued engineered products tailored to specific industry requirements, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence across the industrial spectrum.

Services we provide

Our comprehensive manufacturing services cover a broad spectrum of needs. From metal stamping and fabrication to precision machining, roll forming, and hinge manufacturing, we ensure top-notch quality and accuracy. Specialized in extrusions, technical extrusions, casting, and forgings, we deliver robust and durable components. Polymeric molding, elastomeric molding, and converted materials offer versatile solutions for various applications. In electronic manufacturing and user interface design, we leverage advanced technology for optimal performance. As a trusted contract manufacturing partner, we provide end-to-end solutions. Our expertise extends to printed solutions and engineered services, showcasing a commitment to innovation and excellence across the manufacturing landscape.

We provide great, on time services to our valuable customers.